Mammograms and CT’s are X-rays . What do X-rays cause? Cancer! So I personally recommend following breast cancer with thermography and ultrasound. Some of these may not be covered by your insurance or you may have to have a knock down drag out to get your Dr to do an ultrasound without a mammogram.  Some helpful Q’s might be, “Where in the insurance manual ( state laws, medicare rules, etc) does it say that I can’t get a ultrasound without a mammogram?” or “Radiation from a mammogram could actually give me breast cancer, is there a rule that says I can’t have a ultrasound? Regarding thermograms, a lot of insurances don’t cover them, however the good news is NO PRESCRIPTION is required – but your breasts are worth the investment. So you don’t need your Dr’s permission – just do it. Thermography is the only imaging test that can see cancer coming before it becomes a mass and casts an image that can be seen on a mammogram or ultrasound.  MRI's are "new technology" and it will be a long time before doctors become adequately trained and there are enough machines to do the job. And again it can only see it after it is already there.  You can also use thermography for the whole body to keep an eye out for metastases caused by the breast biopsy or if it had already metastasized before surgery. The other option is a PET scan, but make no mistake, this is not a warm cuddly pet, this is also cancer causing radiation.  And don’t forget, no matter what anyone says, do your self breast exam!

- Dr. Ben Johnson