Suppose someone told you there was a technology that can not only detect, but possibly more importantly, visually show any precursors/signs/markers of cancer without any pain or health risk? Welcome to the "New Standard" in breast and body health...per the Biomedical Handbook, “1982 FDA approved Thermography as an adjunctive breast screening procedure. Breast Thermography has the ability to detect the first signs of a tumor that may be forming up to 10 years before other procedures can detect it…

Body Thermal Imaging puts your wellness in your hands. People have become way too dependent on traditional medicine for a "fix" for every ache, pain or illness. We need to start asking the right questions and...FIND AND FIX THE CAUSE INSTEAD OF TREATING THE SYMPTOMS

Ask not what prescription your doctor can prescribe for your symptoms, but what you and your doctor can do to prevent and heal yourself of such aches, pains or illness. Rick Ramer 2012  (click here for suggestions)

Thermal imaging is the first step on that path. An actual VISUAL MAP of your health. It is the easiest first step in becoming PREVENTIVE and PROACTIVE with your health and life. Painlessly find the root cause of aches and pains.

Do you get a mammogram? In addition to squishing your breasts and subjecting your body to the equivalent of 1,000 chest xrays, mammograms can only DETECT cancer and only if the cancer cells are located in between the 2 plates of the XRAY machine. This is considered the "Gold Standard" but hopefully soon we'll be referring to it as the "Old Standard".

Mammogram vs Thermal Imaging

Mammogram Procedure

Thermal Imaging Breast Scan

Breasts compressed between two plates.

No compression or touching.

Radiation is passed through the breasts to produce an image (up to 5% remaining in the body).

No radiation and completely harmless. Medical grade infrared camera picks up heat and vascular activity and transfers into a colored, readable image.

Mammogram Results

Thermal Imaging Breast Scan Results

ONE picture

SEVEN pictures

Structural image – locates area of suspicious tissue.

Physiological image – locates suspicious area.

Increases risk of cancer with every procedure with dose of radiation as well as possibly rupturing and spreading existing cancer cells, etc.

Pre and Post pictures – Provides the ability to observe the health as well as monitor the effectiveness of any treatment as often as needed.

Biopsy is the ONLY test that can confirm if suspicious tissue/area is cancer

Can detect cancer earlier than self examination.

Currently the earliest detector of breast cancer -

8-10 years prior to any other technology.

Adequately detects cancer for slow-growing tumors prior to invasive stage.

Currently the earliest detector of breast cancer -

up to 10 years prior to any other technology.

Not adequate for detection of fast-growing tumors prior to invasive stage.

Great technology to recognize fast developing tumors.

Age 50+=20% of cancers missed; Age 40-49 = 40% missed; Age under 40=70% of cancer missed.

Only 3% of cancers missed regardless of age bracket. The majority of this small percentage are small, slow growing and not overly invasive.

25% false-positive rate; 85% of all biopsies are negative

10% false-positive rating, but patient and doctor can monitor and observe for prolonged periods of time before biopsy.

Large and/or dense breast are harder to xray

No effect on thermal imaging

Whatever fits between the panels gets x-rayed. Very limited in scope. Why or what caused the cancer?

Seven pictures from pelvic area up to neck line is imaged. Can give the patient and doctor the ability to treat the possible cause prior to biopsy/operating.

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The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom

Most Women Don’t Know…

  • A recent study found that women who wear a bra 24 hours a day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes.
  • Mammograms expose women to 1000 times the radiation output of a normal chest x-ray.
  • Some small cancers (called ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS) found in the breasts are aggressively treated when some pathologists don’t even call them cancer.

Most women pay little attention to their breasts unless there is a problem. The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom by Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D. and Kathleen Barnes, changes that focus to breast health.

As an integrative cancer specialist, Dr. Ben Johnson has treated hundreds of  women with breast cancer.  The experience led him to seek ways to increase awareness of the directions women can take to keep their breasts healthy, thereby diminishing their risk of breast cancer and other breast diseases…

Dr. Johnson and his co-author, health writer Kathleen Barnes, have a unique approach to breast health that stems from the principles of the Law of Attraction as presented in the blockbuster movie, The Secret, in which Dr. Johnson appears.  The book expands on the Law of Attraction by adding the principles of quantum physics and cellular memory that show how deeply our emotions affect every cell in our bodies, causing wellness or illness.

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom is written to provide greater breadth and scope on maintaining healthy breast than other similar books.  Unlike other books that deal primarily with breast cancer, The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom focuses on dietary and lifestyle choices that create breast health for women of all ages.

Dr. Johnson explains some of the principles used to bring about healing on the deepest possible levels:

“To put it in the simplest possible terms:  Your body, down to the individual cells, remembers and believes messages about you that may not be true.”

“These messages are lies.  They are untruths about how you relate to your world.  Somewhere along the line, you might have been told you were stupid, ugly or not good enough.  These messages may have come from your family, from society, even from generations past.”

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom offers ways to heal those toxic memories, to re-establish healthy communication between cells by eliminating all sorts of old  cellular memories based to help us learn on all levels to forge a sense of self-worth, something that many women are lacking.

Johnson, co-author with Kathleen Barnes, said modern medicine focuses on disease conditions rather than on means of creating health. “Nowhere in medicine is this as apparent as in breast health,” says Dr. Johnson.

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom is loaded with practical advice and personal anecdotes from both Barnes and Dr. Johnson about wearing bras, thermograms versus mammograms the healthiest diet, the best supplements and much more.

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom is available now on

What they’re saying…

“If you are ready to learn, absorb and use The Secret of Health to prevent breast cancer, read my friend, Dr. Ben’s insightfully brilliant and truthful book now.” – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Dr. Ben Johnson and Kathleen Barnes have fresh new ideas based on solid science and on the truths of the Law of Attraction…” – Hyla Cass, M.D. author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

“A book every woman should have and every man with a woman in his life should buy…” – Toni Galardi, Ph.D.,

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