Fundraising Opportunity

Could your school or organization use an extra $2,000, $10,000 or more? This is an ideal way for you to raise immediate and perpetual funds.

Every woman from the age of 20 on up needs to have a Breast thermal imaging.

  • How many children at your school/organization? How many women in their lives? Moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, etc.
  • How many female employees at your school/organization? How many women 20+ years old do they know?
  • For every Breast imaging, BTi will donate $20 to your organization. Think about it, 100 people equals $2,000, 500 people equals $10,000, 1,000 people equals $20,000!!! IMMEDIATE
  • Like the old-fashioned mammogram, every women aged 20+ should have an annual or bi-annual breast thermal. So for every returning client associated with your organization, BTi will be forever donating $20 to you. PERPETUAL

Why 20+ and not 40+ or 50 years old

  • Body Thermal imaging detects breast cancer 8-10 years before all other current technology. Offers a much better chance for the woman to detect, prevent and correct, rather than just detect and react as with a mammogram.
  • Mammogram makes you wait until 40-50 years old because a mammogram cannot detect it any earlier. A mammogram has to wait for the cancer cells to reach 4.3 billion cells in order to detect.
  • Thermal imaging offers a huge advantage of early detection at only 256 cells which can relate into much earlier prevention and correction.

Why Thermal instead of mammogram?

  • Unlike mammograms, thermal imaging does not
    • give you cancer causing radiation
    • compress your breasts with a chance of rupturing existing cysts
  • Thermal imaging detects cancer at only 256 cells vs 4.3 billion cells. That is up to 8-10 years earlier.

I just got my mammogram, do I need thermal too?

  • Absolutely! A mammogram can only detect what gets squished between those lovely, comfortable plates.
  • Thermal imaging detects DCIS, inflammatory cancer, cystic formations, fibrocystic issues, etc. All without radiation, compression or touching and much earlier than current technologies.
  • Once you receive a breast thermal imaging, you will never want to get another mammogram ever.

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