Although you do receive all the pictures and are free to bring or forward them to any doctor of your choice, Body Thermal Imaging has teamed up with two of the most prominent doctors in this industry. The pricing on this site reflects the total cost of a doctor generated report that contains all your images, the doctor's findings and their recommendations.

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Gregory Melvin DC, B.C.C.T
Board Certified Reading Doctor for Over 20 years
  • Helix High School, La Mesa , CA:  69– 73
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA:  73– 77
  • California State Board, Los Angeles, CA:  77
  • Spinal Column Stressology (continued education ), Long Beach, CA: 78– 91 Over 300 hours
  • Parker Seminars (continued education), Fort Worth, Texas: 77-91 Over 300 hours
  • Design Patten Spinal Stabilizing Chair, La Mesa, CA:  85 (14 year Patten FDA approved 86 as a medical device to reduce IVD stress¬load)
  • International Academy of Clinical Thermology (continued education), Fresno, CA:  91 (60 hours with examination an 100 reports reviewed by examiner)
  • Thermo Reader for Thermo Vision, San Diego, CA:  91– 94 Over 600 reports
  • Color Enhanced Radiography (originated by Greg Melvin to view X-Ray from a physio-logical point of view by slight calcium density patterns noted by digitizing an color enhancement), San Diego, CA:  91– 96 Over 500 Studies
  • Thermography used the primary source of diagnoses by a practitioner taught that radiography as the only source to identify structural pathology (after taking over Thermo Vision’s digital infrared scanner in 1995), San Diego, CA:  95– 2004
  • Integrative Thermo Imaging (co-founder with Linda Hayes), La Mesa, CA: 2004-present
  • Meditherm-American Academy of Clinical Thermology by Dr. Peter Leondo the originator, La Jolla , CA:  2004 over 60 hours
  • Integrative Thermo Imaging (as a Reader has read over 1000 studies), La Mesa, CA:  2004 – present

Dr. Ben Johnson

  • 1969-1972 Belhaven College Jackson, Mississippi B.S. – Biology
  • 1975 University of Northern Colorado Greeley, Colorado – Psychology
  • 1976 University Medical Center Jackson, Mississippi – Immuno Pathology – Department of Pathology
  • 1977-1981 University of Health Sciences Kansas City, Missouri- Doctor of Osteopathy – College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • 2001 United States School of Naturopathic Medicine Washington, D.C. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • 2004 University of Science Arts & Technology Montserrat, West Indies Doctor of Medicine
Post Doctural Career
  • EDUCATION: 1981-1982 Phoenix General Hospital – Rotating Internship – Phoenix, Arizona
  • 1984-1985 Doctors Hospital – Family Practice Residency – Tucker, Georgia U.S. Army – Combat Casualty Case Course – Flight Surgeon School – FAA Air Craft Accident Investigation – CAMI
Professional Career
  • Research Assistant U.S. Army Fitzsimmons Medical Center Denver, Colorado October, 1972 to October 1974
  • Orthopedic Assistant, X-ray Technician Summit Medical Center Frisco, Colorado December, 1975 to January, 1976
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Mississippi Regional Blood Center – Jackson, Mississippi – February, 1976 to August, 1976
  • U.S. Army Fitzsimmons Medical Center Honorable Discharge – E5 – October, 1972 to October, 1974
  • General Practice and Emergency Medicine Fannin Regional Hospital – Blue Ridge, Georgia – August, 1982 to June, 1983
  • Group Practice and Emergency Medicine Tate Clinic – Tate, Georgia – June, 1983 to June, 1984
  • Flight Surgeon Major – United States Army Reserve – March, 1985 to 1998
  • Emergency Medicine Coastal Emergency Care, Inc. – Cobb Memorial
  • Hospital, Royston, Georgia – June, 1984 to June, 1985
  • General Practice and Gastroenterology Colorado Springs, CO 80909 – July,1985 to 1996
  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Immune Recovery Foundation – Atlanta, Georgia 1997-2004
  • Breast Cancer Research International Cancer Foundation – Rossville, Georgia 2004-Present
Medical Licensure’s
  • Past and Present: Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona and North Carolina
Health Care Association Memberships
  • Christian Medical and Dental Society,
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine,
  • Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association,
  • Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine,
  • American Osteopathic Association,
  • American Association Osteopathic Specialists,
  • American College Osteopathic Family Practitioners,
  • American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopists,
  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine Academic Committee
  • Teaching Responsibilities

Professor at USAT (University of Science, Art & Technology), Montserrat, West Indies
Board member and visiting professor at USAT (University of Science, Art & Technology), Montserrat, West Indies